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General Information Edit

The Python Interactive Shell is an interactive interpreter that can execute Python commands without saving it to a file.

Starting it Edit

The Interactive Shell can be started with the bash-command
. If you want to run programs stored in a file on this shell, type in
python -i
where FILENAME is the name of your file. This is useful for debugging.

Use it as a calculator Edit

As explained above, the Interactive Shell can execute Python commands. Same goes for simple calculations. Here are a few examples:

>>> 1 + 3
>>> 12 / 4
>>> 12 % 4

Logical expressions Edit

We can do the exact same thing with logical expressions, e.g.:

>>> True and (not False)
>>> (False or (not (False and True))) and True

File operations Edit

As we can open, write and read files by executing a script, we can also do that in this environment.

>>> f = open('test.txt', 'w')
>>> f.write('Hello ')
>>> f.write('World!')
>>> f.close()
>>> g = open('test.txt', 'r')
>>> for entry in g:
...     print(entry)
Hello World!
>>> g.close()
>>> import os
>>> os.remove('text.txt')

For further explanations about the usage of files, please look at Files.

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